The only way for a muscle to grow is to exercise it. And you can exercise it in two ways:

1. With as little effort that you can get away with, and, after seeing little results give up
2. You put in maximum effort, you get tired and achy, but you persist even though you see very little muscle growth. Then one day, after persistence and consistency you look in the mirror and like magic you have big strong muscles.

Marketing works in the same way. Some people approach it and, after seeing very little results they give up.

Others understand that to build a marketing engine takes time, persistency and consistency. These people wake up one day with an inbox full of A-Grade clients and reap the rewards.

If you want to build muscle fast you have to focus all your efforts on building that muscle. You have to eat well, sleep well and train often. Again the same can be said for marketing. For faster results you have to focus all your effort. You have to speak to one person, you have to be relevant to them, and you have to be seen every day.

No matter what you want in life you only succeed with focus and effort. Which is why the accountant who puts in the effort and focuses, is the accountant that succeeds.