I see it happen all the time.

A marketer tells you that you need to niche your accounting practice.

They are wrong! This advice can leave you scared because you live in fear of having to turn people away, and that you won’t get enough business.

In my 12-month marketing programme The Pioneering Practice my clients and I brainstorm on having what I call a HUNTING niche. A hunting niche is where you niche your marketing, not your practice as a whole.

The Wow Company are a great example of a firm that has embraced a hunting niche. If you go to their website it looks like they are a generalist firm, helping small businesses. Then when you dive deeper (look at their website footer) you can see that they have a hunting niche of Agencies.

Their blogs, social media and other content is all about attracting their hunting niche.  You would not realise this at first glance though, and they still attract businesses other than their hunting niche.

Which is why the answer isn’t about going all in with niching.

This is where you are being misadvised.

The answer is niching your marketing, not your practice.