Reliable work is the accountant who bills a 12-hour day for compliance services.

Opportunity work is the accountant who studies their clients business, unearths an anomaly, see an opportunity and saves their client’s business from liquidation – in less than 10minutes.

Reliable work is found throughout history. From the agricultural age through to the industrial age reliable work has been there. For years you would do well when you performed reliable work. It was also somewhat comforting to have reliable work.

Opportunity work is the opposite. We try and find easier options because with opportunity comes some kind of risk. You can’t fail with reliable work, but you can with opportunity work.

It is worth noting that reliable work can set the stage for opportunity work. If you can be reliable and become a master at something and practice it enough, you put yourself in the position to attract opportunity work.

It seems that no matter who you are or how reliable you are, opportunity only arises when you decide to look look for one.