If you’ve young children, you have probably been asked for a piggyback. Not only are you lifting your children up on your shoulders for fun, but you’re also elevating them so they are taller.

This piggybacking enables them to take advantage of your already tall stance, and quickly be on the same level as you.

Just like your children, you and your accounting firm can be elevated by someone/something else’s stature.

I’m talking about piggyback blogging.

Piggyback blogging is where you piggyback on someone else’s fame.

It’s not a complicated strategy, but it is highly effective.

It’s about connecting with people who have more authority in your niche than you do.

For example, all of you will have someone who markets to your “hunting niche”. One or two of these people/businesses will have a strong following and are in front of your ideal client daily.

Therefore the aim of your piggyback blog is to mention them within it. Be it a quote, a reference to their business, a link to their website.

Once you have included them in your blog, you then let them know you have mentioned them.

They will share your content, you’ll align yourself with them, and you’ll elevate your authority and your stature.