A client in my Pioneering Practice Programme who – in the Facebook group – daily asks questions, runs ideas past me & the team, & shares his wins.

I have other clients who do not use the Facebook group on a daily basis and are nervous to share in front of other accounting firms.

The active client – who is smashing the modules, group coaching calls & implementing like a boss is attracting opportunities and growing his firm. This week alone he has created a whitepaper of over 3000 words, worked on improving his message matrix and credibility, bought his personal brand website domain, updated his current website for credibility and… he’s on holiday.

Others are not benefitting from the daily support available and, although they are growing their firm, it’s without speed.

They are both heading for the same destination – it is purely mind-set and attitude that separates the two. One is in the fast lane, whilst the other is in the slow lane.

Which is why this is my MTOTD. To succeed in life you need to leave behind fear, show up and take massive action. You have to work fast, implement fast and not be scared of competition. If people copy you just implement and innovate faster.