Seeds, Nets, and Spears

The focused way of predictably growing your accounting practice

If you knew how to grow your accounting practice, and had a PREDICABLE way of knowing how you were going to grow it, you’d be pretty set, right?

That is the exact goal that we work to here at the Boost Agency, to create predictable, scalable revenue for our clients.

We do this primarily through seeding and netting prospects for our clients. We leave the spearing for your in house team.

So what do these terms mean? What are seeds, nets and spears?

These are terms coined by Aaron Ross, and are necessary for a well-rounded sales process.

Aaron is the author of the Best-Selling Book Predictable Revenue, and is a leading mind in the dreaded “S” word – SALES!

Regardless of your size, the Seeds, Nets and Spears process can help streamline your sales engine and have your practice predictably grow and scale.


The key to creating sales growth isn’t hiring perfect sales teams or having the perfect sales process.

It is about creating a predictable, scalable pipeline to get clients.

So what does a predictable, scalable pipeline look like?

Seeds: Word Of Mouth – this is how a traditional firm has grown over the years

Nets: Inbound Marketing – this is how progressive accountants are starting to grow their practice

Spears: Outbound Sales – yet to be fully embraced by the majority of accounting firms

Lets break each of the different sections down


Seeds are leads that have been created through word of mouth, primarily from relationships that have been built up over time, or as referrals from happy clients.

As every accounting practice knows, seeds are the best leads you can generate.

The Benefit Of Seeds:

They are highly profitable, and you on-board these new leads super quickly. These seeds are impacted greatly by the customer service you provide and how you leave your clients feeling.

The Bad:

They can be difficult to grow. They need a lot of nurturing and the seeds are often associated with the relationships with the partners, and this can be un- scalable.

TIP: To grow your seeds you need to nurture your clients, and your influence network. This can be done through email marketing, putting on events, and sharing your expertise. You will not maximise the number of seeds you have by solely providing a commoditised service.  


Nets are the leads that you have got through your inbound marketing. Examples of inbound marketing include Social Media, Blogging, Video, Webinars, Events… You are casting a WIDE net with your content, so this is about Quantity over Quality.
The Benefits of Nets:
Inbound marketing programmes can be scalable, and can gain momentum fast. Leads come to you already interested in your firm, and are open to buying.

The Bad:

If you do not understand your ideal client, and are not specific with your solution you can attract non-ideal leads.

TIP: It is essential to have a strategy behind your inbound marketing programme. You need to know who your ideal client is, understand their fears, frustrations, their wants and aspirations. You also need to be consistent with your inbound marketing. And finally you need to capture peoples contact details so that you can then nurture them with a “Seed” programme (email marketing, excellent customer service, etc.)


Spears are leads that your sales team have reached out to directly. Not many accounting firms use Spear methods. Spears are specific and targeted, and focus on Quality over Quantity. Spears can only be part of your sales programme if you know who your ideal client is, and can contact them directly.

The Benefits Of Spears:

You can have predictable results, and can pinpoint specific executives. You can pick who you call. LinkedIn is a great platform to find prospects to Spear, but you have to know your ideal client to do so.

The Bad:

They are not profitable for small deals and you will find it hard to scale exponentially. Sales teams will outweigh your accountants, and costs will be high.

TIP: Use Spear sales as part of your overall plan. For example; Create a net (e.g. a local event hosted by you in your town) and then use Spear sales to fill your event. Directly contacting ideal leads to come to your event, rather than opening it up to everyone in your town and risk not having the right people in the room.


These 3 types of revenue generating activities are complementary.

  • Seeds will give you great leads. But they don’t generate enough revenue or enable you to scale strongly.
  • Nets are great leads, but take longer to gestate and mature.
  • Spears provide quality over quantity and balance out the other two.

Putting them altogether you create profitable, scalable revenue.

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