About 60% of consumers today listen to social media influencers when making buying decisions. Influencer marketing is highly effective. Here’s how it can help you…

Getting people’s attention is becoming increasingly difficult nowadays. Up to 40% of consumers use ad-blocking technology to filter their content. This means that if you want to build your business, you can’t just rely on traditional marketing methods anymore.

A study by Tomoson, an influencer marketing company, discovered that businesses are earning an average of $6.50 per dollar spent on an influencer. And that’s not even counting the top influencers in the field!

Of the consumers surveyed, 49% looked to influencer recommendations to make buying decisions – and 40% of those ended up making a purchase. This phenomenon expands beyond the sphere of B2C and into B2B as well. Influencers drive consumer decisions more now than ever before.

So how are marketers handling this change? Up to 67% of marketers are now doing promotions using the help of trusted influencers, because it increases client confidence in the product. And 71% of marketers agree that partnering with influencers is beneficial for businesses.

Influencer marketing works for any products or services. If you leverage an expert’s authority, you have a better chance of showing a client that your accounting practice is VITAL to their business. This helps you build your own authority. And that’s so important that we call it a marketing and sales superpower.

So what are the best ways to leverage an influencer? This is how influencers can elevate your accounting practice to new heights.

#1 – Increasing Your Brand Awareness

Speaking to a broader audience and increasing your reach is critical to acquiring new clients. You might think that accounting isn’t the most natural type of service to advertise. Yet it can be relatively easy to establish yourself as an authority figure in this niche.

Influencers in this field already have credibility. Using that credibility, they can help build up and solidify your reputation as a VITAL accounting practice. They can help spread your message to a broader audience and guarantee that it reaches the right prospects.

Influencers have many followers who are actively listening to them. So, by sharing your message, they can raise awareness for your company. This also helps prospects to trust in your services… before you even make your sales pitch.

#2 – Reinforcing Your Message

It’s understandable if you’ve struggled to create the perfect message for your audience. Not everyone has a flair for that. But the good news is, you don’t have to. This is another area where influencers can come in handy.

It’s easier for influencers to tailor content for your practice that resonates with their followers. An optimised message about your expertise and services generates more engagement. And this can help you form lasting relationships with potential clients.

And since the message has been specially designed for this community, it will be more likely to stick. It can help empower your audience to seek you out when they need an accounting solution.

If you want to simplify this concept, here it is: Influencers are good at expressing themselves to a broad audience. That’s what makes them influencers, after all. So they can tailor content for you that addresses unanswered questions and creates excitement around your practice.

#3 – Improving Your Search Engine Optimisation

SEO content can be critical in getting people’s attention. SEO is essential to lead generation and creating an effective automated leads funnel. But you can only do so much with it on your own.

By partnering with an influencer, your presence online can get a massive boost. Your company and your services get more mentions. And all those influencer mentions come with a link back to your firm’s website.

With more hits on your website, you increase your organic traffic – and your search rankings.

#4 – Amplifying Your Presence on Social Media Platforms

Did you know that Twitter can be an excellent marketing platform? A study showed that influencer promotions can increase the rate of conversions by up to 88%.

Consider the following. Facebook, a social media giant, is responsible for around 19% of purchasing decisions. YouTube is a close second as a channel. Think of the advantages of enlisting the help of influencers on either or both platforms.

These marketing platforms, and many like them, aren’t just for selling consumer goods. You can promote anything, from custom t-shirts to expert business advice. Such as your accounting and advisory services that can help your clients prosper.

#5 – Boosting Your Authority

Are you trying to get new clients for your accounting practice? You need to sell your brand and your services to the right audience. And influencers are some of the best salespeople for that.

Influencers come with their own built-in audience. This is what separates them from regular marketing teams. An influencer is already an authority in the niche. People and businesses look to them for guidance and trust their advice.

Here’s something else you may not realise. When an influencer talks about your practice, it doesn’t sound like a promotion. The influencer can give weight to your message and warm up your prospects. 

Those prospects will be more likely to see you as an authority – even before they’ve met you. They’ll look at your firm as an established practice. One that they trust to take care of their business.

#6 – Offering Useful Feedback About Your Products and Services

It’s not easy to get people to trust you. Especially online. Prospects will likely doubt your motivations, no matter how hard you try to answer their questions. But a kind word from an influencer can go a long way towards remedying that.

Influencers can create good promotional content that sounds natural, not pushy or salesy. They can also answer questions about your methods and expertise. And influencers are good at identifying the problems their followers need help with.

They can help establish you as an authority in the accounting space. Even more important, influencers can help people see you as a trustworthy entity. Gaining the trust of your prospects is essential in building long-lasting relationships.

And here’s another benefit: Not everyone wants to go through a sales pitch or take the journey through your leads funnel. Some prospects want a recommendation. When they get one from an influencer, they trust the advice and by extension, your practice.

Positive feedback presented by a top-tier influencer can result in quick conversions. Or at the very least, plant the seeds of trust. This can smooth the way for your prospects to go from listening to your presentation to taking action.

#7 – Generating Leads

What can you expect from partnering with an influencer? For one thing – more leads. Links from the influencer can lead back to an opt-in page on your website. The mere mention of your practice can increase the number of searches for your firm. Positive mentions of your practice on social media pages also result in more traffic.

Influencers do one thing particularly well – and that’s giving you an excellent omni-channel marketing tool. Lead generation can come from any social media platform or blog. The broader your online presence, the better.

And don’t forget that influencers can promote your practice in person too. Many of them are speakers by trade and consistently engage their audiences in person. As such, they can provide even more assurances that your company’s services are as VITAL as you claim them to be.

Are You Ready to Work on Your VITAL Practice Image?

About 90% of marketers agree that all brands need social proof, which builds awareness and trust. And you can get that social proof by partnering with one or more influencers who are well-versed in accounting.

They can help your business in so many ways, including organic lead generation and growth. Their most significant advantage is that they help fill in what you may lack in marketing skills.

An influencer can help expand your presence on social media. Prospects can get a sense of assurance regarding your expertise, based on influencer feedback.

Great accountants don’t have to be marketing specialists to grow their business. You can excel in your practice and collaborate with other experts to help solidify your authority in your field. There should be no qualm in using all available tools at your disposal to reach your ideal clients.

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