You know what, I love marketing. I love terms like client acquisition, funnels, ROI, CTA, A/B testing, CRO, Geo-Targeting, and so on…

But do you know who thinks these words sound like something from planet Zorb?

You do. And there is a reason for this.

YOU DON’T CARE about these words.

Because they are not about YOU and your PAINS.

You only care about yourself. Which by the way, is perfectly normal.

But here in lies the problem. You are mostly using jargon to speak about what you do. You use terms like MTD, Equity and Owners Equity, CashFlow, P&L, GAAP…. etc. But to many, they mean little.

What they would find interesting, it what these things DO for them – the outcome. They care about more money in the bank, saving time, they care about overcoming overwhelm, they care about the fact that their business might go into liquidation (be careful here, some won’t understand what liquidation is).

They care about themselves. Not you, or your lovely accounting jargon.

So my tip to you today is to cut the accounting words out. Survey your ideal clients and LISTEN to the language they use around their pains and use this language to speak to them and have them resonate with you.