Too many people spend time talking themselves out of doing things, and not enough time talking themselves into taking chances.

They dither. They question the risks. They ponder the outcomes. They follow the herd. They convince themselves either the timing or the action isn’t quite right.

I would say that this dithering is what keeps so many firms playing a small game, and not achieving the success they truly want.

The people who have the most success in the world take action fast, fail often, and get to where they want to be faster. On Wednesday of next week I am running an all day marketing workshop specifically for accounting firms. Some people in the workshop will take massive action and be able to add £100k-£500k to their bottom line in the next 12 months. But those who sit and dither will not be so ‘lucky’.

What is holding you back from having the success you want? If you are a ditherer then the chances are the answer is you.