Success comes when people clearly understand what your expertise is.

The clearer you are about the one thing you want to be known for, the easier it is for others to understand.

By being a specialist, you will be the chosen supplier because it is clear that you are the expert/authority on a subject.

To use what I do as an example is I am known as the Marketing For Accounting Firm’s gal. I don’t try and be a master of pricing, MTD, or the onboarding platforms you should use.

You only have a finite amount of time.

You don’t have time to be a jack of all trades. You only have time to master one thing at one time.

The world is moving at a rapid rate and you will never know everything.

Remember – there is something very comforting when you choose a supplier that is a specialist. Which is why people like to work with an accountant that specialises in their business type and understands their pains fully.

When you talk about more than your expertise you are watering down your message. If you chose to do this your competitors who are more focused, will be rubbing their hands together and getting clients because they are seen as the expert and you are a jack-of-all-trades.