Advertising on the TV is now bland, boring and often noisy. It never used to be this way. Remember the 1980’s BT adverts with Maureen Lipman “You got an ‘ology”. It was memorable, because there was an ongoing story to the advertisements.

Even music has lost the art of storytelling. The 1940s-80s had wonderful stories – Heartache, love, opportunity. No matter your mood was you could find a song to either cheer you up, or nurse your broken heart.

Charles Revson, founder of Revlon was great at selling the story. He didn’t sell cosmetics, he sold hope. What a fabulous attitude to have when it comes to sharing what his company does and the philosophy behind it.

Now entrepreneurs are often sloppy story tellers. Sharing facts about services, rather than sharing the passion and the why behind what they do.

Our story? Well, we don’t sell marketing training, we sell freedom. It’s such an important part of our message. As the founder of 2 companies, it’s my why. I started my business to bring freedom to my life. I help others to bring freedom to their lives.

If you wonder why you are not getting the clients you want, think about your story. How can you share your philosophy rather than your services?