The wrong values will not motivate you. 

Or your clients. 

Or your team. 

It dawned on me one day that two of my highest values were not motivating me or those around me. 

My two highest values are truth and integrity. 

They are probably yours too. 

It’s just human nature to have those as high values. Unless you are a bit of an arse that is. (sorry for the language). 

But these values don’t motivate me to have a better business. Or my clients to have a better practice. Or my team to get out of bed and bring their A game every day. 

So one day I sat down with the team and we decided to work a little harder on getting to understand values. And how they affect a practice’s success. 

After a long day of really digging deep and making sure we were not being a cliche we realised that our values were the following:

  • Empathy
  • Energy
  • Effectiveness

Have Empathy: understand before taking action
Bring Energy: make things happen
Be Effective: control actions to produce measurable results

These values are now entwined into all we do here at Oompf.

We hire around these values.

We teach our clients around these values.

And I personally live and breathe these values, because they are essentially my personality to the core.

It is my belief that some values are part of every person’s nature, and therefore are too obvious or cliche to have as your practice values.

Values should share a deeper side to you, your team, your clients, your practice. 

When you delve deep you get to the core of what truly makes everything tick. 

And when you get to the core of what makes you tick, it’s easier to motivate those around you to succeed too.