People often admire the dedication I have to show up every day and serve my clients with marketing and my programmes. But I have to be honest I can’t take all the credit.

Today I lift back the curtain and share what really gives me my success:

1) I am a member of a half-day monthly speaking mastermind. Each month I have to turn up with my wins and ask for support where I need it.

2) I have a bi-weekly life coach. Not because my life is a mess but because I know that to reach my full potential I need challenging. In the past 3 months alone I have started getting up 2 hours earlier, exercising for 30 minutes a day and going to bed at a set time (9:30 pm). This has had a huge knock-on effect to my business success.

3) I have a weekly call with a business buddy (Matt) where we set goals, share marketing ideas and keep each other accountable.

I share this with you so you don’t beat yourself up. The problem is not that you’re not consistent or lacking in time. The problem is you haven’t crafted your environment to maximise your potential.

What/who do you need around you to have the success and freedom you really want?