Comedians would make better marketers than most businesses.

Why? Because they know something that most businesses owners don’t get.

Let’s think about some of the most famous comedians in the world? Did they wake up one day and have the fans, money and fame – just like that?

We know that the answer is no. In fact when they started not only did they not make money, they were also pretty rubbish most of the time. Clunky, unfunny, awkward.

But these comedians persevered, practised their set, got feedback from the audience, worked harder and longer into the night than most people ever believe is possible. They gave up opportunities and often had a thankless task.

But one day after testing, measuring and experimenting the formula was right. They found their groove. They got noticed by an audience that loved them, and they started to get more opportunities and make good money.

Not everyone likes their humour. Not everyone finds them funny. But “their” audience do.

This is what I call The Comedian Effect. Understanding that you have to make mistakes when marketing your firm, try new material and watch it nose dive and then one day you get the formula right.