Find one person. One person who trusts you and listens to what you have to say.

This one person needs to love what you sell. Once you have found one and have stories to tell, find 3 more. They too need to love it and you. You now have four people who love what you do.

Next you need to find 8 more. You get these 8 more from the four people who love what you do. You ask for two referrals from each of the four. Now you have 12 people who love what you do.

Your ideas are spreading; your firm is growing with the right clients. You are getting better at serving these kinds of people.

These twelve people then give you 2 referrals each. You now have 36 clients.

These 36 clients pay you what you are worth. They are not driven by your price but by your value. You are trusted.

Your firm has changed. It has taken 12 months.

The answer to your success lies in your focus. And it all starts with focusing on the one.