One of the most powerful ways to get continued support from people is to use the magic words that are so underutilised.

These two words are Thank You.

You’ll have people who like your social media updates, comment on a regular basis and share your information. You may not know these people, you have never met them, but they’re there for you.

Unfortunately, these people often get taken for granted. Every day you are ignoring them. You don’t acknowledge that they are spending time on your social media updates, and not on someone else’s.

Think for a moment. Have you ever sent them a message to say thank you, or even publicly thanked them for their likes/comments?

The key here is to remember you are not posting on social media to get likes. You are not posting on social media to get shares. You are posting on social media to build relationships.

And every good relationship is about give and take. Every time someone likes or comments on your posts, you are taking and they are giving. Remember to give back and say thank you once in a while.