For some reason, a lot of entrepreneurial accountants feel they must walk the path alone and hustle their way to success, with no help from others.

It can seem like an appealing idea; being self-made and having done it all by yourself but in reality, the highly successful and most influential people in the world are part of a community.

A community of peers, friends and mentors who help push them to be the person they are meant to be.

Community enables you to:

  • Increase your knowledge
  • Improve your professional connections
  • Tap into other people/resources
  • Have support when you need someone to turn to
  • Get inspiration and be more creative than you ever thought possible

Your job is, therefore, to think about how you can create a community for your clients and your audience. Facebook groups are a good online option. Live events are a great offline option.

You can have a community for your clients and a separate one for those who follow you and like to learn from you but are not yet clients.

Don’t dismiss this idea either, because with a little effort you can achieve exponential impact and results. Here is the link to our Facebook group. With over 1400 members you need to join.