Do you not have a steady supply of topics for your posts and video content? Are you unsure of what your ideal clients want to read? Perhaps you’re not tapping into the right sources of information.

A content marketing strategy has two main areas of focus. First, you need to understand who to write for and then you’ve got to actually do it. The last part is what most accounting firms struggle to do.

Let’s say that you already know your ideal audience. You’re beyond the stage where you need to research pain points or aspirations. You know your perfect hunting niche and where to post your content.

Once you have all that covered, you still need to build a content library. A content library allows you to develop content assets. It means that you have something to tap into and share with your audience.

To grow your business, this is something that you always need. Not only because it helps you save time, but also because it saves you the trouble of having to come up with new ideas all the time.

However, this is easier said than done. Content is important because it allows you to show the value of your services. It helps you indicate that you are VITAL to your clients’ businesses.

But how do you start that content library that you can tap into anytime? Where do you get those ideas and topics? Here are some of the sources that can provide you with an infinite supply of ideas.

Source #1 – Look for the Statistics for Your Niche

With your research, you may want to start with statistics. Clients want to read about statistics that are relevant to their business or to what their business can look like.

If you’re to reveal such enlightening statistics, you can position your firm as knowledgeable. That’s the first step to presenting yourself as VITAL.

But it’s important to not pull those statistics out of thin air. Whenever you use numbers, cite the resource too. Back up your claims to reinforce your knowledge and expertise.

It makes anything that you present that much more valuable and trusted.

It’s also a good idea to create an entire content library section that contains only statistics. It will help you add factual elements throughout your whole content assets collection.

And with statistics, you can gain access to a very special type of content creation tool – case studies.

Source #2 – Get Case Studies from Your People

Clients usually respond very well to case studies. You can use this class of content at any stage in your marketing strategy.

You can use it to hook clients and get them into your funnel. You can use it to build trust and establish a knowledgeable position. You can also use case studies in your follow-ups. Regardless of where you are in your conversation with prospects, they are powerful tools.

What’s one of the most important outcomes to look forward to when building new relationships with clients?

Establishing trust.

And the quickest way to establish trust is through proven testimonials and case studies. So, your content library should always have a healthy collection of case studies.

These studies should come from people and companies that your firm works with or worked with in the past. Focus on successful relationships and projects with clients.

Also, don’t limit yourself to write-ups. Case studies are excellent as video content too. And whenever you can get direct client input, you can help reinforce the trust.

Just make sure that you get permission to share quotes or feedback from those happy clients before you post anything.

Source #3 – Examine the Questions That People Send to Your Firm

Another great source of ideas comes directly from people that want to work with you. Sometimes prospects don’t convert into clients despite progressing through your funnel.

You probably already have your fair share of people that ask questions. Maybe they ask questions specific to your firm’s services. But perhaps you have some that ask you how to fix some issues with their accounts.

Go through your emails that contain client or prospect questions at least once a week.

You can turn those questions into topics of discussion and ideas for your content library. One person’s answer could be what brings 10 more clients that much closer to buying your services.

Again, it’s your choice how you turn that idea into a content asset. You can explain the concept in a video or blog post. You can also create an infographic. Whatever you think works and helps to position your firm as VITAL.

Source #4 – Spend Some Time on Industry Blogs

One of the best sources of inspiration is industry-specific blogs. If you spend some time perusing blogs specific to your accounting niche, it’s easy to pick up ideas.

The beauty of researching blogs? You can always repurpose someone else’s content.

If you find an idea that’s perfect for your sales funnel, does it mean that you can’t use it because your competitors did first?

Not at all.

You can take a featured idea and put your own unique spin on it. Find a topic that demands an explanation and explain it better.

Find common fears and problems and put them in the context of your signature solutions. Your leads and audience will see that you offer something different. They’ll know that you are innovative and agile.

Source #5 – Check Industry-Specific Forums

If you know where your readers hang out, you should have no problems finding ideas. Go to the places where your readers frequent.

Find out the forums that your ideal clients spend their time. Where do they post their questions? Where do they look for answers?

It should give you an idea about what to write. Just keep your research restricted to niche-specific forums so you can avoid general or bland topics.

Forums are typically rich in information. But don’t get discouraged if you find that the answers are readily available there. As previously mentioned, you can always repurpose a topic with your unique take.

The whole point of doing this sort of research is to find new ideas and put them in the bank. That’s so that when it’s time to write new material, you always have something to write or make a video about.

Source #6 – Check Your Blog Comments

If you have a rich content library, you can spend less time writing and more time reading. And why is reading important?

Well, it gives you tons of ideas for your content library.

Make sure to read as many blog comments as you can. You never know when something may provide a spark.

Reading the comments consistently is helpful even if you don’t need new ideas or topics for your library. That’s because whatever inspires you will be something that directly addresses your ideal clients.

You can always go one step further too. If you actively study your competitors, you may want to check their publications too. Find out what their clients think about their solutions.

It’s one of the ways you can spot gaps in your competitors’ offerings.

Maybe you’ll find something that you can exploit. Maybe there’s something that you do better. Many of your ideal clients may overlap with your competitors’.

The point is that it never hurts to check their public blogs for a fresh batch of ideas.

And you may not even have to perform as much research as you think. Sometimes one comment is enough to spawn two or three concepts. In turn, those concepts may give rise to three different content assets that can help position your firm as VITAL.

Source #7 – Use a Content Marketing Research Tool

Last but not least, a content marketing research tool can be incredibly helpful in two areas.

It helps you identify stellar content and topics for your niche. Also, it enables you to figure out where to post specific types of content.

For example, you can use a tool like BuzzSumo to discover the share counts by social platform. As a result, you can identify if your case study is Facebook or LinkedIn material.

To leverage your content, you also need to know where to place it. Research tools help you with this.

Research Consistently to Avoid Blocks

Writer’s block can happen to content writers and marketers too. It can be easy to think that you’ve exhausted all your great ideas and have nothing left to offer.

Sometimes this leads to a long pause in your follow-ups and updates. Other times it leads to posting duplicate content. Neither outcome is good because it diminishes the trust in your firm. And it may make your content seem less valuable to your ideal clients.

Researching the ideal sources as described above should help you create a solid content library. It should help you come up with a sizeable batch of topics and ideas for you to build on.

All of these will be of interest to your ideal clients and audience. If you want to leverage your content and position your firm as VITAL, it starts with consistent research.

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