Finding qualified leads can seem quite challenging. But not if you know how you can streamline the process and fill your sales pipeline.

The accounting industry is fiercely competitive nowadays, as your audience has more options than ever before. And this means they have rather tough choices to make when choosing who to work with.

So to conquer your niche, you’re going to need an elaborate marketing strategy. 

You can’t expect someone to reach out right after seeing your ad. What you need is a multi-stage marketing and sales process that will keep bringing in new clients.

In other words, you need a marketing funnel or a lead funnel.

This is a funnel that covers every step in a buyer’s journey – from a stranger to a potential client. It warms up cold leads and gets them more and more interested in working with you. So by the time someone goes through the entirety of your funnel, they should have grown very likely to work with you.

However, this will only happen if you structure your funnel correctly. It’s fortunate that an effective funnel can be almost entirely automated. You can have a machine that keeps churning out hot leads that you can convert effortlessly.

So, how do you build such a machine? That should become clear after you learn about the elements that make up a highly effective funnel.

1. Content That Grabs People’s Attention

Content is the heart and soul of online marketing. It educates your audience, gets them excited about working with you, and builds strong relationships. 

But before it can do any of this, it has to get people to stop scrolling. If you can create such content, you will have a big advantage over the competitors.

One effective way to do this is to illuminate your audience’s problems and drill into their pain points. They need to see something that relates to their struggles when they look at your content. But more importantly, your audience has to find potential solutions.

Make this happen and you’ll position yourself as an expert in your niche. People will see that you know all about their problem and, more than that, you can actually make those problems go away.

This alone is incredibly powerful as it builds a solid foundation for someone to turn into a client. However, your content is not enough to land a client on its own.

2. A Powerful Lead Magnet

After engaging with your content, your audience should have an interest in learning more about your firm. Or more specifically, to find out more about the solution to their problem as your content has teased.

But most of them are not at a stage where they’ll just pick up the phone and call. You still have to get a conversation going and nurture the relationship gradually.

A lead magnet plays a critical role in this. 

It can be anything of value that you hand out in exchange for a prospect’s email address or some other contact info. Most commonly, you’ll use a free book, report, or something else that adds lots of value.

Show the leads how desirable and useful your lead magnet is and they will be happy to give you their contact information. This is how you can start engaging with them on a deeper level.

But in order to work, your lead magnet must be highly attractive to the client. It’s got to introduce the best possible solution to their problem. After you’ve shown your audience that you understand their pain through your content, you then use the lead magnet to show how you can make it go away.

But how can you make sure that the lead magnet actually works? That’s where this next part comes in.

3. A Strong Landing Page

The landing page is a web page that people land on after clicking through an ad or a link in your content. Its main purpose is to maximise conversions by urging people to take the next step.

Now, this step can differ depending on your goals. You might want to promote your services, gather contact data, or do anything else that contributes to your marketing and sales efforts.

You can structure your landing page in different ways, depending on the goal. Still, there are a few elements that are common in all the killer landing pages.

Firstly, it needs to have an irresistible headline. And this should encompass the ideal outcome that the client wants. The headline should be short, to the point, and tell the reader what you can do for them.

Next, you need to explain your offer in a bit more detail through a few subheads. Don’t get too technical; just focus on the benefits that the reader will receive. Keep it punchy and value-driven, making sure that everything on the landing pages excites the prospect about taking action.

Finally, your landing page needs one thing that can make or break the whole funnel…

4. An Effective Call to Action

Your marketing won’t amount to much unless it provokes action. A lead should be ready to advance to the next stage of the funnel in just the way you want them to. This is why a good CTA is so crucial.

Your CTA should be simple yet effective. It can be something like:

Download the Book NOW!


Schedule a Call Today!

The point is that your CTA must contain a command that nudges your leads in the right direction. Whatever your campaign is to accomplish, the CTA should encourage your audience to do it.

Don’t hesitate to get creative with your CTA. There are lots of ways to get people to take action. In addition, make sure that your CTA works on multiple platforms as people will likely be using different devices.

5. Retargeting Campaigns

Now that someone has seen your ad, engaged with you, and shown interest in your services, what’s next?

In some cases, you don’t have to do a lot more. But it’s more likely that you’ll have to take an extra step to warm up your leads further.

You can do this through retargeting. 

As the name implies, it’s the practice of re-engaging with someone who’s already seen your ads. The goal is to stay in front of your lead’s mind and ensure that they don’t go cold.

You can retarget on just about any social platform, but LinkedIn and Facebook are especially useful. These platforms have excellent retargeting functions that allow you to always remind your audience about what you can do.

And no, you won’t come across as spammy when you retarget. The reason is that you’re not just jumping out at a complete stranger. Quite the opposite – you’re reaching out to someone who’s already shown some interest in working with you.

A retargeting campaign builds on the existing relationship, reinforcing the benefits that a lead can get. It can be that final kick that encourages someone to reach out to you.

Retargeting also helps you understand your market’s behaviour better. With this information, you can fine-tune your campaigns to make them outstandingly effective. 

This brings me to the final component of successful funnels…

6. Split Testing

Also known as A/B testing, split testing allows you to identify the most effective elements of your marketing campaigns. You can split-test things like your CTAs, landing pages, and blog post headlines. 

What this does is comparing two options to one another to see which works better or gives better results.

In the creation of an automated funnel, split testing is especially critical. The same piece of content can perform very differently with just a minor change in the headline, for example. 

If you do enough split testing, you’ll find all the nuances and you’ll be able to design your campaigns to be as tight as they can be.

Without split testing, there will be a lot of guesswork. You’re just trying out different things in hopes that they’ll work. Even if they do, you won’t know what it is that got the desired results.

So whatever you do, make sure to split test every important aspect of your funnel. You’ll be working towards a funnel that churns out hot leads consistently, which you may agree that it’s worth it.

Attract Hot-to-Trot Leads

Hopefully, you now have an idea of what it takes to attract the right leads and get them to want to work with your firm.

Make no mistake – an effective funnel can transform your business in short order.

Remember that it all comes down to providing value and encouraging people to take action. You want to help and enable your leads to advance through the stages of the funnel effortlessly. 

In doing so, you’ll make it a no-brainer for the leads to decide to work with you.

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