There are 5 kinds of people/businesses that will read your content marketing

1. Addicted freebie seekers. This audience won’t ever pay for your help. They think that they can run their accounts/grow their business by themselves.
2. The “I’ll try it, if it doesn’t work I might get help”. This audience values your expertise.
3. The “just do it for me” people. They know they need to do it, and just want to pay someone to do it for them.
4. The “Influencers”. These people are silently watching your every move, and are taking note of your expertise. One day they will reach out and will offer you opportunities to team up with them.
5. Competitors. Ignore these people, let them read your amazing ideas. You are unique. Keep ploughing your own field, and focus on your goal.

What does this mean?

If you focus on providing good quality content people will read it and want to find out how you can help them. For some, it may take time. For others, they could read a blog and reach out immediately.

If you don’t write content you’ll be losing out to your competitors who are embracing it. It only takes one good blog to land a whale of a client.