The rain pounded against the window. Sam the accountant was sat at his desk overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork he had. He’d too many clients, too much work and he wasn’t making enough money. The rain was making him more miserable and he dreamed of sun and his summer holiday.

Sam had been in business for 12 years. He left the big firm because he wanted to deliver a more personal service. He was failing to do this because he didn’t have time. Sam worked with every prospect that approached him to ensure he covered his bills. He hadn’t had time to build relationships.

Claire was a few streets down and didn’t notice it was yet another grim day in Grimsby. She had 5 face-to-face meetings with her clients today, all focused on their business growth.

Claire had also been in business for 12 years. But recently she fired her Vampire (nightmare) clients to focus on the 20% of clients that valued her enough to pay 80% of her revenues.

When she fired her vampire clients she freed up more time. This time enabled her to focus on marketing her practice, and position her firm so she was attracting more A-Grade Clients.

Sam didn’t have time to do marketing and get A-Grade clients, he was too busy.

So what’s the moral of the story?