Mark is a plumber. His current accountant is accountant A. Accountant A is neither bad, nor great.

Today he received an email from Accountant B. Accountant B is a niche practice specialising in plumbers and contractors.

The email Accountant B sent caught Marks attention.

The email contained information of a special offer which included both business insurance and advisory services. All for £28.85 a week.

Marks current business insurance costs him £800 a year.

Mark sees an opportunity to save money, and will speak to Accountant B next week.

So what is the moral here?

The moral is that marketing works. Niching means you can create specialist services for your clients. It also shows that even if you have clients, your competitors could be stealing them from right under your nose if they have a better option than you.

The moral is also don’t rest on your laurels. You may think you have enough clients, but they could disappear overnight if someone has the right message for them. Positioning is also key.