There is much pain in the accounting profession when it comes to hiring staff. Finding the right team member is often the biggest struggle for a growing practice.

Using marketing to attract the right employees will help. Content marketing will enable you to write articles that go in-depth about your practice culture, your opinions on how business should operate and how you like your team to operate.

You can include these articles in job descriptions and this information will enable you to attract a far better quality of applicants.

Why does it work?

  1. People who don’t agree with your values will opt out.
  2. People will share articles with their friends and spread the word that you are looking for staff.
  3. Candidates come prepared. Conversations in an interview are more in-depth, and the need for surface level questions are removed.

To attract A-Grade staff think about:

  • Publishing articles in magazines your employees might read
  • Writing articles about what makes your firm unique
  • Sharing these articles with your networks and friends

Marketing isn’t just about getting A-Grade clients. It gets you A-Grade team members too.