Your goal should not be to be useful, your goal should be to “wow” your audience every time you send an email or create a piece of marketing.

Rock your reader’s world. This may sound hard but in fact, there are just two components to “wow” someone:

1. Tell them something new, tell them something they didn’t know before
2. Tell them something surprising

When you have novelty and surprise the readers/listeners brain will light up like a Christmas tree and they will get a dopamine surge…

You need to get them addicted to your copy. Every time they see you post something on social media or open something you send them in the post, you want them to be excited to read it.

This way you will get more people who want to work with you, and they will see more value in your accounting practice than they do in your competitors’ accounting practice.

Bottom line – if you are not “wow”ing your audience, they will not value your information.