The biggest companies in the world have strong brands. Without a strong brand you will not be remembered.

Apple has its white angelic colour scheme and simplicity.

Google has the 4 strong colours blue, red, yellow and green. When we see these colours together we think of Google.

Easyjet has Easyjet Orange (yes in the branding world this is what we call it).

Closer to home we know that Xero is blue and Quickbooks is green.

Without strong branding colours you will not evoke feelings. Colours can evoke any emotion and change a persons feelings about whatever they’re looking at.

You need to choose a colour that reflects your firm, your values and the emotion you want people to feel.

Once you have that colour be consistent with it.

How do you want people to feel when they visit your website, social media and look at your brochure.

And whilst you might want to opt for dependable and trusting blue, remember that another factor in choosing colour is to make sure you stand out.