It’s 1 January. You have eaten all the mince pies, drunk all the sherry and spent too long with most of your family.

New Years Eve has come and gone and you have set some resolutions.

Fast-forward two weeks. It’s 14 Jan, you have failed to keep your resolutions. The year will be no different to previous years.

But wait. You hear about a solution to ensure you stick to your resolutions. You hear about “theming”.

Theming is where you decide on “one word” to keep you focused. Your year is themed and the one word will ensure that you stay on track to achieve your personal and business dreams.

In 2017 my one word was Freedom. In 2018 my one word is Relationships. You will see my themes show up regularly in my marketing.

The joy of theming is that when opportunities present themselves you can decide if they are a yes, or a no. Yesterday I had the opportunity to take on a £20k client. My “one word” focus meant that I had to decline. It’s liberating.

It doesn’t matter what time of year you decide your theme, just do it. The focus it brings you will help you thrive.

What is going to be your one word, starting today?