What makes accounting firms so different when it comes to marketing?

Absolutely nothing.

Marketing an accounting “business” is the same as marketing a photography business or life coaching business.

You are all service professionals.

I am appalled at the number of people who are telling accountants that they don’t need to market themselves on social media, or need to be doing what other businesses are doing online because you are “different”.

My marketing tip today is to stop believing this absolute rubbish that is keeping you and your dreams small. You may not want to be a multi-millionaire (or maybe you do) but you do have aspirations that are personal to you.

Whether you want more time (not to work Fridays) or want more clients or want better staff, marketing can help you achieve these goals.

Why is marketing so important? Quite simply because it is about building relationships, and relationships build trust. And trust with clients and prospects builds more clients, money and freedom.

I watch many accounting influencers urging you to build a faster horse, not a motor car.

Imagine what would happen if you approached growing your practice in a pioneering way.