I was chatting to one of my consulting clients last week and they were asking, “what time should they schedule their weekly emails to go out?”

There are a lot “ideas” and “best practices” that you could consider, but for me, as with all my marketing, I like to look at the end user and their behaviour… (the prospect).

When you are deciding what time you should be sending out emails, consider what the recipient’s life is like.

In the mornings a lot of people wake up and do an “email purge”. You obviously want to avoid this happening to your email so consider sending your emails 11am – 1pm.

You may also want to consider that Mondays are not the best days because most people are in “work” mode and not “consuming” mode on a Monday morning. You may also want to avoid Fridays as many people are not as work focused on a Friday.

Weekends might be pleasantly surprising so I suggest you don’t rule these out.

Whatever time you choose, my advice is test and measure and see what your readers are responding to. Us marketers can guide you, but when it comes to your emails, your analytics will know best!