Before accountants join my Pioneering Practice Programme there are often two fundamental problems with their website and marketing efforts. One, it is not being focused on overcoming a specific pain for a specific person,  and two, there is no customer journey on their website and other marketing content.

Within their marketing they either have too many calls to action, or the wrong ones. The calls to action include: join my email list, download my free ebook, get a free copy of my book etc… you know what I mean because you are either doing it, or seeing it.

But marketing only works when there is a strategy behind it. People think that by watching what others are doing they can copy and emulate their successes.  But it doesn’t work, and its because they don’t know the strategy behind it.

This strategy includes the customer journey that has been mapped out. Taking someone from not knowing they have a problem, through to building a relationship, and eventually converting into a sale.

So next time you try and emulate other peoples websites or marketing and you are not having the success you want, you need to understand its because you don’t know the strategy.