This is a term that Grant Cardone uses to describe the space in someone’s diary that should be filled with sales and marketing activity.

It implies that empty gaps in your calendar will kill your business.

Whilst this is true for many types of businesses I haven’t seen many accounting firms with this problem.

In fact the opposite is true. Any white space you SHOULD have for sales and marketing is taken up with compliance work and fighting fires.

Your clients expect you to be doing the day-to-day work, your staff expect you to do the day-to-day work and therefore you have resigned yourself to the fate of having to also do the day-to-day work. A full diary is the norm.

Which is why you need to choose a new normal.

Today map out some whitespace in your diary. Block it out for sales and marketing activity and make a point of changing the status quo. Change your client’s expectations, your staff’s expectations and up-level your business thinking, so you can grow your firm and purposely get better clients.