There are a ton of marketing words that get bandied about that are deeply lacking in emotion. Words like

  • Sales funnel
  • Database
  • Prospects
  • Leads

These are all words that put a divide between you and your audience. 

I am not sure I like the language. 

I honestly find it a little distasteful. And maybe you feel the same way too? 

I think it’s time we moved away from emotionless marketing speak and really look at the relationship between you and your audience. 

And the best way to do this is ask yourself… who are you to your audience/followers? 

This question should prompt you to think about why people watch what you do on social media and follow you. 

To these people you are not someone who is just trying to get them as a client. 

You are somebody who offers value to them.

They have seen something in you that makes them want to hear more. And they look to you as a doctor who can cure their problems. 

So what does that make you? 

A leader!

And as a leader you have the responsibility to the people who follow you. They have shown that they want to hear from you, and they trust you to help them.

So stop thinking of your audience as potential clients and think of yourself as a leader. 

Look at your audience as people who really need your support, guidance and wisdom. They are people who may be in pain and you need to diagnose their pain and prescribe a solution.

Lead them to overcome their pain, and transform their business and their lives. 

This is the true reason why you post on social media and help your audience. 

Getting clients is a bi-product of providing value. The more value you provide, the more clients you will get.