Every day I write a MTOTD. They’re not planned, contrived or researched. Each tip comes from a conversation I’ve had with an accounting firm that day. 

The tip’s late today.

  1. Because I’ve been in meetings/on the road all day, and
  2. Because until 5 mins ago I hadn’t been inspired. 

But here it is… do you know who your ideal referral is? I was just chatting with Vishal from QXLtd via LinkedIn messenger. I’d reached out to say thank you for the great blog write up on my book that one of his team wrote last week. I hadn’t heard of his company before the write up, so asked him who his ideal client was – his ideal referral. 

It made me think, most people I ask this question to, find it difficult to be concise. They say anyone or everyone. Vishal hasn’t yet responded to that question, but I am hoping that he is totally clear on.

  • Who they are (industry)
  • What their 3 dominant pains are
  • How his business helps them overcome the pains

When an accounting firm knows the answers to these questions it becomes easy to refer clients. And when it’s easy to refer your ideal client to you, it happens more often.

So if you want more referrals, you need to be clear on who your ideal referral is, and then let others know so they can refer.