When we hear that question we cannot help but say in our minds “Ghostbusters”.

Why? Because it has been drummed into us since the 80s. In 1984 Ghostbusters burst onto our screens and left an indelible imprint on generations of children and adults alike. Including me.

Not forgetting the point that Ghostbusters started because a group of guys saw a gap in the market (they were a start-up), the fact I want to drum home is that their service was a clear, easy sell.

The problem was simple. You had a ghost.

Their solution was easy to understand. They will bust that ghost right out of you, your office or your home.

The marketing they carried out was quirky and they were everywhere (omnipresent) … running around in a recognisable uniform, driving a branded car and making themselves seen and heard in the newspapers and on the news.

They were the ghost-busting Authorities.

Think about what you can learn from the Ghostbusters. How can you ensure that your offering is the answer to someone’s problem? More importantly, how can you position yourself as the authority and be the only answer in people’s minds?

How can you be the Ghostbusters of the accounting profession?