Having a vision is essential for your business success, especially if you want to escape your corporate job or scale your firm. 

If you have a clear vision you will create the right strategy for your accounting business.

But if you have no vision, you will find creating a strategy hard.

And without a strategy you will fail, and find yourself more stressed, overwhelmed and disheartened than you were in your day job.

However, once you are clear on “what” you want to achieve, the “how” to achieve it will take care of itself. Knowing “how” to proceed with creating a business and scaling is far easier if you know exactly what you are aiming for.

You can always learn the “how”. All successful business owners have learnt from those who have been there and done it before them, the successful have been taught, mentored or coached.

But nobody can tell you your vision because your vision resides inside of you.

Here is why you need a vision for your firm:

  • A strong vision leads to improved productivity and efficiency
  • A vision is an idealised picture of the future of the business or organisation. This can bring many benefits to you as an aspiring or new firm owner.
  • Your vision is the first step in strategic planning.
  • A vision shared by all business employees creates a strong business culture and bonds your team.
  • A vision can motivate and empower you, and any employees you have.
  • A vision brings meaning to your work, and will help you decide what to do, and what not to do.
  • A vision can help you tap into your competitive drive, arouse desire for greatness and will motivate you to make a difference in the world!

A good vision will:

  • Identify direction and purpose
  • Build loyalty (with clients and employees) through involvement
  • Set standards of excellence
  • Be persuasive and credible
  • Inspire enthusiasm
  • Encourage commitment from clients and employees
  • Be easily understood
  • Reflect your companies good strength

Here are some examples of visions from well-known celebrity businesses:

“We believe that we are on the face of the earth to make great products and that’s not changing. We are constantly focusing on innovating. We believe in the simple not the complex. We believe that we need to own and control the primary technologies behind the products that we make, and participate only in markets where we can make a significant contribution.

We believe in saying no to thousands of projects, so that we can really focus on the few that are truly important and meaningful to us. We believe in deep collaboration and cross-pollination of our groups, which allow us to innovate in a way that others cannot. And frankly, we don’t settle for anything less than excellence in every group in the company, and we have the self-honesty to admit when we’re wrong and the courage to change. And I think regardless of who is in what job those values are so embedded in this company that Apple will do extremely well.”
– Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Computer

“PepsiCo’s responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate – environment, social, economic – creating a better tomorrow than today. Our vision is put into action through programs and a focus on environmental stewardship, activities to benefit society, and a commitment to build shareholder value by making PepsiCo a truly sustainable company.”

And a short vision statement, which is also a big mission:

“To have our product in every home in the United States.”

Do you know whose vision statement this is? This was Bill Gates statement… and he achieved it! He rallied his staff to this war cry and they beat the drums and succeeded!

Looking at these vision statement examples should give you a good starting point for knowing what a vision statement is and how to write one. Remember your vision statement should first inspire you, before it inspires others.

Vision statements are a challenge for many people because they aren’t sure what form the statement is supposed to take.

A typical corporate or company vision statement will be brief and succinct; it will say a lot in just a few words, so those words must be very carefully chosen. Less words can be more powerful than reams of sentences and multiple paragraphs.

Here at Oompf Global we see a revolution happening. A escape revolution, where people are leaving their jobs in favour of starting something they are passionate about and building their dreams, not the dreams of the corporation they currently work at. However, all too often we see new and established firms still functioning and not positioning themselves as vital to their clients.

So we were inspired to come up with a huge vision statement. Short, succinct and easy for our team to get behind and easy to explain to the world.

Our Vision Statement is to give Sales and Marketing Superpowers To Accountants.


The key to a good vision statement is to ensure it lasts the distance. Think long term, not short term.

And also don’t be too specific, you will limit your vision and it won’t be applicable ten years down the road: for example, if your current goal for your business is to move into a large office building, that’s a vision for the future but it’s not the vision for the future of your entire business.

It’s too narrow in focus. That is just a goal not a vision.

On the other hand, if you say that you want to achieve success – well, any business in the world could say that.

It’s too generic. And unfortunately this is how most people set their vision when they start a business.

Writing a good vision statement isn’t difficult.

Think about what your business does and what, in an ideal world, you would like it to do, and how you would like to appear to the outside world.

Consider what you provide, and imagine how it would be if you provided the very best version possible.

List those visions, and incorporate them into a brief statement that gives a good overview of the kind of image you want to represent.

Understanding your goals and being able to state them clearly is the first step toward making them happen. putting them into a vision statement will ensure your team and community will back you 100%.

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