Much content online is relevant to the here and now. Especially in the accounting profession, where information needs to be up-to-date. For example budget updates or latest tax news.

But herein lies the problem. This throwaway content is not interesting a few weeks or months later. And 12 months later it is out of date.

Which is why making sure that you create evergreen content will be a huge advantage to your accounting firm.

Evergreen content is content that is useful and doesn’t have a “use by” date on it.

Evergreen content can be in the form of blog posts, “how to’s” or simply your ideas.

Many ideas and “how to’s” have already been covered, but do not fear. This is where adding your own spin will personalise the content. Give your views, use your language and don’t be afraid to not sit on the fence.

If you can create valuable content that doesn’t go out of date then you will be able to share it time and time again as your audience grows.