Why You Should Have A Newsletter For Your Accountancy Practice

Email marketing is back. In a very big way.

It got a bit of a bad wrap for a while there, but business and consumers alike are all realising that email marketing is here to stay.

And a very powerful part of your firms email marketing should be a newsletter.

What Is A Newsletter?

At Boost Profit Now we define a newsletter as an email update sent on a regular basis to your list.

It might be sent weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or at a different time frame that suits you and your practice.  This form of message is called many things depending on who you ask;

  • Email platforms call it campaign
  • Marketers call it broadcast
  • Prospects/Clients call it a newsletter/ezine

But we will stick with the term newsletter.

What Is The Purpose Of A Newsletter?

The intention of a newsletter is to build a relationship with the reader. To grow an emotional connection with your prospects and establish credibility on behalf of the authors (that is you or your practice).
Your newsletter also serves to keep your accounting firm in the fore front of your prospects minds. This is possibly the most important reason to have newsletter. Otherwise you risk three things happening:

1.    Your list forgetting who you are.
2.    Your list forgetting why they joined your list.

and worst of all…

3.    When you send your beautifully crafted sales campaign your list will think it is SPAM.

What Should You Write In Your Newsletter.

You don’t have to write a thesis here. I would include no more than three subjects in each message you send out. These subjects are just meant to be interesting to your list. They can be on anything you like but usually fall into the following categories.

  • News. The clue is in the name. These are updates in what is going on with you or your practice. They build on the emotional relationship between you and your prospects/clients
  • Case Studies/Client Successes. This reminds people that you provide a valuable service that they have expressed an interest in and that you are good at what you do. Establishes credibility.
  • Upcoming Events. Are you speaking at a conference or holding a webinar? This type of news is also great for your credibility and shows you to be a respected in your industry.
  • New Products Or Services. I said that newsletters aren’t sales letters and that is true but mentioning new products, packages, services or campaigns is a brilliant way to sell without selling. You are just giving the scoop to your fans. It will create interest and build demand.
  • Industry Changes Or Trending Topics. Sharing news with your readers that they wouldn’t have previously heard (or perhaps properly understood) is an excellent way to position you and your firm as experts. Building on your authority and credibility, and warming them up to a future purchase.

How Often Should You Send A Newsletter

This is different for every firm. The main factor to consider is that once you start, you have to be consistent. We spoke to a client who was trying to understand why business was slowing down when he admitted that he hadn’t sent out a newsletter for 4 months!

You have to be consistent!

So whether you decide a newsletter for your accounting practice once a month, once a fortnight, or twice a week, when you start sending it out, do it consistently.

Your newsletter will become part of peoples routine. I read the newsletters that I subscribe to on a Sunday night to get me ready for the week ahead and I really enjoy it! I add new ones that I find and take out others when I feel they aren’t relevant anymore.

Your newsletter can be shared by your subscribers, and is a brand ambassador. Spreading your message and your content, potentially to a global audience. So what are you waiting for?

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What do we do at TwentyTwo? 

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