Today, I would like to talk to you a little bit about the kind of clients that you are going to be working with in the future in your accounting firm. My name is Amanda C. Watts and I specialise in helping accounting firm partners go from six to seven figures. Now, what I would like to talk to you about a little bit today, I actually cover in depth in The Pioneering Practice book that I wrote a while ago.

Now, one thing that is so important, now you’re looking to scale and grow your firm, is to have something that I call The ClubHouse Rules™. The ClubHouse Rules™, just like when you go to a golf club and you are applying for membership, and they say to you, you mustn’t wear your trainers I this area, you’ve got to dress in a certain way, you’ve got to act in a certain way, you’ve got to show up in a certain way, you have a list of rules and regulations that you have to adhere to become a member of that club. We have to have those same rules when we work with clients and when you work with your clients in your accounting firm that your clients have to adhere to if they want to work with you.

Now, these rules could be, make sure that you reply to our emails in time, make sure you get the work done on time, make sure that you pay us on time, make sure that you don’t hound us when you know full well that we are working on your business and we’re doing the work that we need to do. When you list all of these rules, when you have someone on the phone that doesn’t feel like they’re a good fit, you find it very easy to go, thanks but no thanks, I don’t think that we would be a good fit. When you started your business, you accepted working with everyone and anyone. The reason why you did that was because you needed cashflow, you needed turnover, you needed to grow your firm. But, now you’re established, now you already have an income, you can start to be pickier with the kind of clients that you have. When you have these clubhouse rules, you can actually start to grow a practice that you want to have rather than a practice that you need to have.

If you know of an accounting firm that is attracting the wrong kind of clients and growing their business through the wrong way, then please do tag them in this video or share this video with them. If you would like more hints and tips to help you grow in your established accounting firm, from six figures to seven figures, then do have a look at The Pioneering Practice book. I have got copies available if you would like one or you can go to Amazon and order one. I look forward to catching up with all of you soon. Remember, once you introduce these clubhouse rules your whole firm will change and you will enjoy working in it so much more.

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