One of the most powerful ways to build relationships with your prospects and network is through email.

Unfortunately, one of the most destructive things you can do for your accounting firms brand is to write bad or boring emails.

Good writing is powerful. Good writing will build relationships and earn trust. Good writing will move a prospect through The Traffic Light Method™ and get them from unaware of their problems to work with your firm, without quibbling on price!

Today I am going to share with you some of my favourite writing ideas that will help you create powerful emails.

CREATE AN IMAGE: Use words to conjure up an image in the reader’s mind. For example, instead of saying “large animal” why not write “wrinkly, grey elephant”. By creating vivid pictures in your reader’s mind they will remember what you write.

KISS: Which stands for keep it short and simple. Short sentences are easier to read. You also do not want to be too complex in your sentence structure. By providing short, easy to read sentences, your subscribers can skim read your emails. For busy subscribers, this means they will read your emails when otherwise they wouldn’t.

USE BULLETS: Just like KISS bullets enable an email to be skim read.

3 LINES MAX: Nobody wants to read lengthy paragraphs… it’s like feeding a baby a Mars bar – it just seems too much to digest in one go. I like to suggest that three lines max per paragraph for an email. If you have a long paragraph just split it up.

CREATE EMOTION: Logic drives decisions, but emotions still play an integral role in the decision-making process. By understanding your audience, you can tap into their “hot buttons” and then show how your services can overcome them.

OVERCOME OBJECTIONS: There will be reasons why people are not buying your services. By overcoming these problems you will win the work. Examples too expensive, too complicated, lack of understanding, no perceived value, fear of change, no trust.

USE FORMULAS: 20 years ago I learnt how to sell. I was taught the AIDA formula which I now sometimes use when writing sales copy. It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

  • your copy should grab the reader’s ATTENTION
  • Next, it should build an INTEREST
  • Then create DESIRE for something
  • Then get them to take ACTION

Another formula is PAS: Problem. Aggravate. Solve. This is one of Dan Kennedy’s favourite copywriting formulas. Dan is known as THE Marketing Guru of all time:

  • Problem: Start by talking about a particular problem your market has right now (enter the conversation already in their head).
  • Aggravate: Intensify the consequences of this problem (create a desire for the solution).
  • Solution: Show the reader how, and why your particular service solves their problem (channel the demand onto your service).

SHARE YOUR WHY: People don’t remember what you do, they remember why you do it. Share why your accounting firm does “XYZ” and people will get drawn in. All too often we see accounting firms share that they can carry out management accounts, we always nearly know how you go about doing this, but rarely do we understand WHY.

These are only the tip of the iceberg of copywriting ideas for your email marketing. Keep in mind at all times that you need to targeted emails to your list. Your aim is to build a relationship and earn trust. If you send bland emails that are non-specific you will be doing your brand more harm than good.

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