I had a meeting this afternoon with a couple of my consulting clients and we were discussing them using Instagram.

Initial thoughts were that they wouldn’t use it. It wasn’t a priority and they would stick to Facebook and LinkedIn.

Then we got to the subject of getting support. Because they are so busy in their accounting firm, maybe they could get some support from a VA or digital admin person.

This then lead them to think, if a 24 year old was helping run their marketing, maybe they could do Instagram.

What I want you to think about here is that there are things you need to be doing in your accounting firm that maybe you are not, simply because you think you can’t.

There will be opportunities that come your way that you are missing, just because you think it all depends on you.

Sometimes the solution is to get someone else to help you. Someone who knows better than you.

To run a business successfully you have to get off the tools. As the owner or Partner you should not be running your Facebook or Instagram account, you should be leveraging talent.

You will save time, money and get better results. Your job is to stick to strategy and tactics.