It is so obvious, yet a huge percentage of accountants and bookkeepers are sending emails and newsletters that, if you received them in your inbox, you would never read.

When you send your monthly newsletter or an email to your database do you take the litmus test with it?  Do you read it and ask yourself “if this ended up in my inbox would I spend time reading it?”

The other question you need to ask yourself is “Is this really useful for my prospect/client?”

I often get asked how many times should you send a newsletter out to your database. In fact, if it was helpful, you could send one every day of the year.

The problem with emails is that they are free to send, and therefore not much thought is given to the messages within them.

The solution is to imagine your email is a direct mail letter and then see whether it is a valuable piece of content…

If you would send that email as a letter, and you felt that it was worth the printing, the stamp and the envelope, then it’s worth sending as an email.

If you wouldn’t spend money to send it, then it probably isn’t a valuable piece of information.