When I started working in the accounting industry (yes I called it an industry, not a profession, which according to some I shouldn’t do) people were quick to tell me what to do, and how to do it.

Industry peers questioned the fact that I wanted to work with firms looking to grow (apparently talking about practice growth is a no-no amongst some firms & industry gurus. How dare we suggest that firms want to grow).

Peers were quick to say that firms didn’t need marketing training.

Peers told me never to use the term marketing funnel or lead generator.

Peers questioned my every move and tried to shoot me down at every turn.

BUT I did NOT listen to them.

Instead, I listened to my “gut instinct”.

I knew what I needed to do, whom to help and how to do it.

And this is my point.

The moment you raise your head above the parapet, become visible & stand for something, others will try & squash your ideas, thoughts & goals. Don’t listen to them, listen to your gut.

If I’d listened to others I wouldn’t have the successes I have today.

These people were not marketing experts, nor were they wildly successful. They just had a lot to say.

So instead of listening to others, listen to yourself. You actually know more than you believe.