Your ideas are worth sharing. Whilst they are kept in your head they are worth nothing to no-one. Once they are on paper they are worth something to a few, and if you are lucky they are worth a lot to many.
In 2014 I wrote an eBook called Clients in Abundance. This eBook was downloaded thousands of times.
Writing is technically easy (if you can’t write, dictate your ideas and get someone else to turn them into words) and you can have it available on your website the same day if you know your website designer well.
A relationship building idea is to make the eBook small enough to send via email, so you can offer it to people via social media and then quickly send it to them without them having to download it.
When I built my email database to over 10,000 people, I was often asked how much money did I make? My answer is always, it was priceless.
This eBook was the beta version of my thinking today. If I hadn’t started with the beta version, there would be no today.