Today I was working with a lovely couple who are relocating from London to South Africa. They are not accountants, they are transformation specialists that help people with weight-loss.

Whilst creating their brand for a strong launch in January, an exercise we ran was the “love and hate list”. Choosing words they want to represent their brand, and words they never want associated with their brand.

They had a long list of words like Vegan, Plantbased, “healthy mind healthy body”, lowfat and balance all on their “must never use” list. And words like structure, science and opinionated on their “words they love” list.

After 20 minutes of brain dumping it was very clear what the new company stood for, and what it truly did and did not believe in.

If I hadn’t carried out this exercise with them, they’d have fallen into the trap of wishy-washy and not standing in the power of who they were, their values, and their image.

So if you want to attract your ideal client I suggest you too carry out this exercise. List 10 words that you love, and 10 words that must never be associated with your brand.

This clarity will ensure you attract your ideal client, and make writing for your marketing easier.