Do you want to know what we think accountants do all day?

That’s right. We think you spend all day stuck with your head in spreadsheets and crunching numbers. We think your office is quiet as a mouse, and that nobody is talking to each other.

But is this really the way you all work? I know it isn’t how Blu Sky Chartered Accountants work.

In fact, in their local area they are known for their hoody wearing, fun attitude and approach to their jobs.

On top of that they have recently relocated to working in a pub!

Straight away these guys seem interesting, more so than your “average” accountants.

And they share how cool they are. You see people are naturally nosy. Yep, they like to see what really happens within your accounting business. And Blu Sky know this and are leveraging people’s natural curiosity to STAND OUT in the market place.

Your team are an asset to you, find a way to share personalities and the fun you actually have in your office. Snap photos on your phone and share on Twitter and Facebook. Choose one day a month where you snap a photo hourly and let people see behind the scenes. #BTS